LUSH Bath Bomb // Twilight

product review: Lush Bath Bomb Twilight


"sooth your body and mind. Our most relaxing bath bomb yet," I'm one of those people who prefer to take showers or baths in the evening instead of in the morning, and I can say that this really helps you feel relaxed and comforted. I can't say that it has helped me to sleep better, but I'd like to think that it does!


Just what you would expect to feel coming out of a bath. I've noticed that all of the Lush bath bombs I've tried have got rid of dead, flaky skin, as well as making your skin smell amazing. Just a tip: try dry brushing your skin before getting into the bath- this way the dead skin cells don't build up from the water as a light grey substance on your skin. You'll also feel so much cleaner when you get out.


At first I wasn't the biggest fan of the scent, as it smelled very floral and of lavendar, and typically I like to stick to the more fresh, citrusy scents. I picked it up because I wanted to try something new, and it seemed like just the thing!

The actual fizz and colours it gave was probably my favourite part! It was that perfect mix between a quick fizzer and a long fizzer, foaming at the surface to create loads of colour. After the frothing was done, it fizzed for a couple minutes releasing a pop of blue from its centre. By the time I got in the tub, my bath looked milky, with a dark purple underneath the white froth, with tiny specks of glitter glistening under the water. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS. Twilight is probably my most favourite bath bomb at the moment, because of how stunning the water looked!


- Prettiest bath bomb I've ever tried (why would you want an ugly looking bath bomb, I mean, let's be real)
- The silver glitter did not stick to my skin, but it did leave the bottom of the tub looking like a highlighter, so make sure to rinse the tub
- Kind of an expensive bath. These bath bombs are a one time's use.

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