How to Create a Mood Board

Everybody has something they look back to when they're searching for inspiration, right?

It could be listening to your favourite creator on Youtube, rereading a chapter in a book you love, or simply going through photographs that make you happy.

I've always been that girl who makes daily to-do lists, or other "piles" of things, like that one pile of clothes, stacked with pieces I've worn once and are too dirty to put back into the closet, but too clean to be put in the wash... I can't be the only person who does this, haha!

But think of a mood board in kind of the same way. It's a pile of mismatched pieces you've collected, that's messy yet organized in a way that makes sense to you.

How to Create a Mood Board That Represents You:

1. Find photographs & quotes that inspire you, & collect them in one place.
Don't worry about choosing photos that would look good in your room, as at this point just make a pile (what'd I tell you?) of pictures you are instantly drawn to. Fashion, quotes, dreamy scenery, art... Anything!

2. Sort through your collection.
You don't have to limit yourself to a certain palette of 2 or 3 colours unless you want to... It could be a rainbow mood board if that's what you're feeling! Just pick your favourites.

3. Trim, Print, Cut.
Just like your clothes, you wouldn't want each piece to look the same, so make sure there's variety within your photos as well. Make sure it's not 100% scenery or overwhelmed by photos of interiors. Including both horizontal and vertical pictures works as well.

4. Lay 'em out.
You could skip ahead to number 5 if you want, but I just like to do this so I know what I'm working with before I go ahead to make things permanent.

5. Pick a base, and add the photos.

You don't HAVE to use a cork board and tacks, there are lots of options:
- square metal grid and pretty clothes pins
- tape them directly on a wall
- fill a couple empty notebook pages
- glue them into a photo frame

Keep some photos separated with a little space in between each image, and overlap some at the corners so that everything blends together nicely.

How cute are these Starbucks stickers? They're from Jemma's Etsy shop HERE.
6. Add a personal touch.
Fill any leftover, small blank spaces with hand written notes or mini drawings, add monograms with stickers (or go to town with the stickers, I can't stop you!) or tape the corners with washi tape.

And of course you can display your mood board wherever you like.

I like to have mine acting as wallpaper behind my desk, and it's especially nice when I find myself stuck in a blogging slump. Hopefully, this gives me a little more motives to photograph more things as well. Keep tweeting me advice and continue commenting on THIS POST, it really does helpe me out. :)

Which colours help you to feel inspired, or are you the kind of person to change it up all the time?

If you do end up making a board for yourself, make sure to follow and tweet me pictures! I can't wait to see the themes you guys come up with.

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