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Yasmine (left), Maya (right)

Thanks again for all of the comments and tweets on my post about love. Every message I got from you guys really meant a lot.

You can read that post HERE, called, "12:17AM. Don't Go Chasing Love."

Since both of my sports seasons are over, I've finally had time to go out- something I wouldn't have been able to do without practice getting in the way.

And the school play was one of those things I got to see! A few of my friends had a role in it and I wanted to support them, but couldn't find the $10 for admission (broke life haha) until I finally convinced my sister to go with me.

This year, the drama team based the play off of The 3 Musketeers, and I absolutely loved seeing the final cut, after knowing just how many hours everybody put into it.

My favourite parts were the different accents, haha.

Although I didn't get any photos from the evening, I still wanted to write about it because seeing all of them so happy and supportive of each other really put a nice feeling in my heart.

It was one of those things where in the end, when everyone was clapping for them, you could tell by the look on their faces, just how passionate they were about it.

I stayed after the show was done to hug and talk to some people, and some of them told me about how they weren't originally going to audition for the play but were so glad they did. How throughout the semester there were times where they felt like giving up and dropping out but continued doing it because it was something they loved. Not to mention the people they acted with were there for them through thick and thin.

It was like they were a family- a drama family.

Sometimes I wish our sports teams were like this.

You would probably expect our teams to have just the same amount of love and passion put into it, but there never really was.

It's always been like a competition, which kind of sucks.

But after that night, I found out how some people even wanted to pursue music as a future career (not knowing where that's gonna take them) and that alone makes me happy.

It's important to let people take these opportunities. To see them clap and cheer with smiles on their faces, supporting one another in a way that was so raw, it was kind of eye-opening NGL.

Also considering it was International Women's Day not long ago, that's just another reason to support each other.

Have you ever had somebody inspire you to keep doing what you're passionate about, even when you felt like quitting?

I'd love to know in the comments below.

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