Snow Days // The Edit.

feat. my frozen hair and makeup-less face
I'm almost sure we will never know what we want. Last year we were all tweeting about how quickly 2017 went by, and one month later we're complaining about how "yet another weekend has gone by and it's still January." I like to think of it as making up for the lack of days in February, so there's that.

But when your weekend is spent relaxing in the mountains, you don't want time to fly by!

The last 4 days were spent on a family road trip to Lake Louise and Banff, which showed us just how beautiful the mountains can be. It wasn't crazy cold, (thankfully!) and the snow slowly covered everything like dust, pretty much the entire time we were there.
It's been a while since the last time I set out enough time to take photographs all day, so it was really nice to do that. My sister and I walked along the lake and stopped at this frozen, bright blue waterfall for an impromptu photo shoot, and I'm quite happy with how the shots turned out.

By the time we finished walking, my fingertips felt so cold and all the little snowflakes that had fallen on my head froze most of my hair, haha! It was one of those uncomfortable things that you don't mind happening because you're so in the moment to really notice.

It's snow days away from home like this I miss the most.

And because most of our time was spent driving, here are a few songs I loveee that are perfect for roadies:

- Best Part (feat. H.E.R.) by Daniel Ceasar, H.E.R.
- Why Am I the One by fun.
- Grey Luh by Berhana
- Daylight by Matt & Kim
- Foreplay by Jalen Santoy

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