Jumping Online to Offline & Broken Friendships

There's good news!! My last post, Keep Fighting for What You Love took off so well, and I want you guys to know just how happy it makes me when I discover that something I wrote on this little blog helped you pick the right decision, or gave you that push you needed to do something important in your life.

And I hope it stays this way- so keep commenting, and we can all help each other out.

The other week three people I knew in real life read a couple of my posts through Bloglovin'... Oh, only if you could see how far my jaw dropped when I saw their names in my notifications.

You all know that I write on here as an outlet for my thoughts, and everything I post is pretty personal. I never told anyone that I had a blog until then. The same night I asked them to keep my blog to themselves and to not share it with anyone else, and I'm actually quite surprised that they brushed it off so easily and agreed.

One of those readers was a friend I grew out of not too long ago, and she read about how I felt about her, before I could tell her in person. Although it probably wasn't right of me to write about how she acted then post it on the internet, I apologized and continued.

Ever since I told her that I didn't feel happy in our friendship 4 months ago, there's been this awful tension between us. I was surprised to hear that she was beginning to feel the same way as I was at the time, and it's still crazy how our mutual our feelings were towards each other.

Although there's still tension between us, I think the accidental exposure of my blog helped relieve the tension slightly.

She helped me realize that people and feelings change as time goes on. That sometimes the friends you once thought were going to last a lifetime don't, simply because you talk to other people, and you do other things.

Even after all that I'm still not 100% comfortable when somebody I know reads my blog, but I hope I'll be comfortable enough one day to tell the world about it. And without having to mumble a "yeah."

Has somebody in your real life ever read your blog?

Have you ever fallen out of a friendship you once thought would last forever?

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