Hey everyone! It's been a while!

I just launched my new business and am in the process of switching over this blog to the new one. Totally rebranded and everything!

I designed tees and hoodies to help donate towards ConquerCovid19.ca to help provide PPE to front line workers they desperately need right now. Tees are $25, and hoodies are $50. You can also donate through the link on my website if you still wish to support it, but not buy an item!

All items are sourced ethically and screen printed here in Edmonton, Alberta. #MadeinCanada

It would make my heart so happy and would mean THE WORLD to me if you ordered. 

Pre-order here: belle-epoq.squarespace.com
Pre-order ends May 9th.

See you guys on the new site!! 

School Plays & Support

Yasmine (left), Maya (right)

12:17 AM. Don't Go Chasing Love.

Snow Days // The Edit.

feat. my frozen hair and makeup-less face

Origins, First Impressions

Ahh face masks, the one thing I don't think I'll ever get bored of. There's quite the number of empty bottles and tubs starting to collect in my drawers, and although trying out all the different kinds of peel/clay/exfoliating masks is very, very fun, these things also find a way to slowly empty out my wallet. Recently I got these mini Origins face masks along with a mini cleanser. The first time I used all 4 of these products in conjunction with each other, I had an "OMG I NEED THE ENTIRE LINE" moment, so let me tell you why.

A New Year's Note // The Edit.

Photo creds to Matthew

The Importance of an Oil-Control Face Mask

Feeling Anxious & How to Overcome It

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